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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
I as an employee or an employer I would rather work extra time Mon Tue Wed to get Thursday off.

None of my customers would complained if I came a day early or late this week because they realize everyone wants to be with family for the holidays.

It RAINED all three days here, Mon Tue Wed.
Not for lack of trying, I went out in between down pours, soon as it let up but it wouldn't stay quit...
I mean rain gear and all it rained on me so much, I got all of four lawns done all three days.

Thursday I mowed 7, would have got more done but I spent the morning working on my Z.

Today I left the house at 7:30a knowing I might have to drive several places before I would find a rental Z that could cut at UP to 5" (most mowers won't cut over 4") because MY Z mower is down (no, Thursday's fix didn't hold up). I drove to three locations before I found one, had to drive down town to get it.
A 52" Exmark LaserZ: $225 for the day.

Then I had to run back home because the blades were so dull I already knew, take it home, pull the blades, sharpen them.
Yes, on that $225 rental, the blades were dull and I mean so dull I don't think they had ever been sharpened.
And no they won't sharpen them nor will they give you one with sharp blades even if you ask, you can forget that.
Pot luck there, chances are if you ever rent a mower, the blades will be dull.
Remember that, because taking it home to sharpen the blades first adds another hour or two.
Oh, they'll be so dull one pass won't shape them up, try 4-5 passes and better have a bucket with cold water handy.
By now I had put 70 miles on the odometer.

Got pulled over by one of the cop hive that was out this morning, probably looking for early morning DUI leftovers from the 4th.
He let me go with a warning on my expired inspection sticker, the one I haven't had time to take it in to have it inspected.

By now it was time for lunch, I stopped by McD's, 10:38a
It was 11:30a by the time I got to my first customer's house.

Then I mowed 7 lawns with it, BIG lawns.
Put 6 hours on the meter.

Oddly enough the one customer I was dreading wasn't so bad.
But the last one, my own, was...

Tomorrow there's more lawns on the schedule than I can finish.
I have to bring the rental back, then I have an appointment at 9:30a.
It will likely be 11a before I get to my first customer's, and I have an 8p meeting which involves going home and showering so I have to hope I can get at least 8 done.

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