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Become familiar with the word attrition. This happens in any business, not just lawn business. Simply put you will lose customers. They will die, they will move, they will buy their own lawnmower, they will have a child or grandchild that will start cutting the lawn for them... and that customer that talks about how great of a job you do and how happy they are with your service WILL drop you. Even if I don't want any new customers because I am happy with the work load I have (which is not the case but stay with me for a sec), I still have to get new customers each and every year to make up for attrition. Heck, I've got an MBA but I can guarantee you that there are LCO on this site with no college ed that are making 10x what Im pulling in. Sorry if I ranted a little, but I agree with the other posters... grow and expand as your business does, not on what you think or hope will happen. And stay away from loans for equip, pay cash.
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