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Originally Posted by woodlawnservice View Post
Welp, looks like I won't be bidding this job after all. Woke up this morning getting ready for work today and I received not a call, but a text!?..!? From the director saying "his" boss accepted a bid yesterday already " yesterday was the 4th" and they didn't need me.bidding it after all but thank u. Ha! I know it shouldn't piss me off but I didn't.even have 24hrs of business days from the call to bid the job to the text of.not bidding it. Oh well, maybe next time... hope whoever they got will do a good job.
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Probably from one of his bosses "buddies" Keep the site in mind and figure out how you'd do it (during your free time) so that when they call you to fix the mess, you already have a plan in mind...
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