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Couple of things...

If all someone did was take Thursday off, fine by me.

But what I was talking about...
One of the places I went to look for a rental is just as busy as I am, at least as busy, maybe worse...
When I got there they had customers outside in the parking lot, more than a few, waiting...
I was one of them, it was 10-15 minutes past the time they should have been open.
You could see their mechanic's warehouse stock FULL of mowers (this place does repairs as well so a full whse = TONS of work).
I mean mowers lined up more than you and I want to try and count, just one after the other.
Guess they took a 4 day weekend...

Not a sign on the door, their phone would just ring, no message, no nothing.
That's the kind of thing, in my book, is going to come around and bite someone in the beee-hined one day.

But if you took off the 4th, we're good.
Cuz I'm not working Sunday lol

Well, maybe some maintenance.
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