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Oh boy, and I thought my mowers were being difficult in the parts department.

When you do find one you NEED to write down the width and length somewhere you can find your notes again in the future, it is a must.
You can order belts purely by those specifications, width and length.
But you have to have those specs, and remember yours is an 'agricultural' grade belt.
Sometimes you can use Industrial grade belts in place of agricultural, but not always.

The difference is usually Industrial are Kevlar, and agricultural are banded.
But again I've seen Kevlar belts on mowers, just that it doesn't always work the same way all the time.

I have learned to do this for pretty much all parts, keep your own lists.
.pdf files can be helpful as well.

The key point here is you want a parts list somewhere that won't disappear from the Web.

I know this doesn't help much but chances are your belt is either a 1/2" or a 5/8" wide.
I'd try one of each on some pulley, it should come relatively easy, once you have that you only have the length left.

You could almost take a piece of twine and wrap it all around the way a belt would go...
Once you have it wrapped kind of snug and tight, cut and take it back off, then lay it out flat and measure...
Probably if you order a belt that way the first one (or three) will be wrong, either too long or too short but you'll be a whole lot closer.

Still you'll need to write down notes, that way once you find one you have it written down you can order another should the need arise, otherwise you'll go through this tedious process more than once and you will find, as I have, that only so many parts people are willing to help.

Good luck

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