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Seems like you are handling the situation just fine there Red Shed...... And I completely agree, if folks are talking or getting in the way, micro managing... this can be trying and must be dealt with... However, I will never understand why some guys(most of the people that posted previously) get sooooooooooooooooooooo irritated by THE HOME OWNER (as in, it's their home, their money, THEY hired you) watching... Here is a question WHO CARES? We are there to do work and get paid, the homeowners could set up a circus with animals and sell refreshment and us working will be the main attraction for all I care, I am there to work and get paid! It sure is a shame that some owners/foreman/workers are so socially inept. I mean, come on! People saying that they go to homes when they know the people are out?!?! What is that? What are you guys so AFRAID of? Again, Red Shed.... I know this is not you due to your comments but since so many of these guys have posted I have to speak up......
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