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Originally Posted by conceptsketch View Post
Clearly the powers that be have guided this message, sounds like asales pitch not a response.
Look i have no doubt any franchise Has got as much of a chance at failure as any other business , you are not immuned to the pressure of business. Owning a franchise doesnt change the quality of a labor you hire or bring you better leads or make you a better person its just a set of rules.
Weedman is not a leader in the industry , they squirt dirt like Scotts and Trugreen Or Lawn Doctor but no one knows who they are. Why buy a crappy name if you buy a franchise. You dont want a burger world franchise if there is a Burger king or Mcdonalds available
But i am sure you know that , Tell the truth when you buy a Franchise what do you get thats real that you can touch besides, a few freebies at the begining you get nothing but words or advice , You pay for every ounce of every paper, software, conference , Royalties (even if you dont make money ).
Buy the way whats your salary?

Franchises are like gangsters you pay even if things arent good . Thats how they make there money ,They dont care if you had a bad week or year
I guess we can just agree to disagree. Like I said- franchises are good for some and don't work out for others. Marketing is something that I needed the most help with and that's where Weed Man has helped me most. Most get into franchises when they are either starting from scratch or have hit a ceiling with an existing company as far as growth goes and they need help breaking through to the next level of growth. In the end it all comes down to management and systems. I had the management experience but not much in the marketing end, so I chose Weed Man. Feel free to PM me and we can discuss my Weed Man experience further.
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