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Originally Posted by matt spinniken View Post
How do you go about finding employees that are working for other companies? Do you feel like it is kind of a low blow?
I know a lot of people in the trade. Which helps a lot because i can hand pick my guys. I know the guy i am about to hire is really good before i even hire him. My current employees have hundreds of friends in the field and they do my recruiting. They know who is really good and who isnt.
Is it a low blow what i do? I dont think so. Im not a greedy person, i have slightly lower profit margins just so i can pay my employees more. When you have a family to feed and a guy offers you $2hr more and a better work environment of course you are going to take the job.
People think im crazy for paying what i pay for employees. Im not, its more expensive to have to babysit employees and to have unhappy customers.
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