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I am currently in the market for a new mower and would like some opinions. I have about 1 acre to mow but its very thick, to the point that if it rains it might take a week or more to fully dry out. I am mowing right now with a Husqvarna YTH2348 lawn tractor from Lowes but it has a tendency to clog the deck with grass very often (which causes spots of dead grass as the clippings suffocate the lawn) and always leaves significant windrows of grass at the edge of the chute.

I have so far been to the Scag and Hustler dealer, where I have taken a look at the Freedom Z and both the Fastrak and Fastrak Superduty. I was quoted 6899 for the 52" Freedom Z with the Kawi FS691. The Fastrak was 5999 with the FS691 and 6799 for the FX730 equipped Fastrak Super duty both in 52". I also have near me Ferris, Gravely, and most other dealers within 10-15 miles, just not sure what is comparable yet.

So is there other brands I should be looking at and for the Ferris and Gravely what models are comparable to the Fastrak Super Duty/Freedom Z style of mowers? Also the prices I were quoted from the dealer are from hardware store style dealers so I am not sure if they are really inline with what most pay or not? I am in Western North Carolina if that helps at all.

Thanks for the assistance.
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