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I'm thinking the first commercial property I'm going to bid will be the pool property in the neighborhood that I grew up and live in. Been passing it every day for years, and I've done other work for the HOA before. It's not real huge, and so I think that I could start with that and then work my way up.

And to razor1: Great reminder. That is what I have always done. The way I have grown my business, almost all my customers are within 2 miles of me, and I have all the work I could do on my own. I've never gone into debt, and I know my customers very well because I see them everyday like neighbors. The only problem is that even though I have (generally) TREMENDOUS customer loyalty, I can't go home and leave my business at the 'office'. I would have to leave town to leave my business. Guess it's good I love my work.
I just realized that almost all of the second paragraph was meant for a completely different thread. It doesn't fit. Sorry for derailing the thread everyone.
I'd rather be cutting grass...
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