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Want to go completely legit how to do it.

I have about 15 accounts right now a 4x8 trailer snapper 36 pro wb echo blower trimmer and edger. All my accounts either pay me by check for the whole month or when I'm done the job they pay cash or check made out to me personally. I don't need a license for mowing in md , went to the courthouse also asked about needing a dba she said I only need one if I want the checks to bE made to a business name that I advertise with but all my customers just make it out to my personal name. Also haven't payed any taxes either. First year doing this on my own so please don't call me a low life or what not. Just need some advice on what to do first and how to properly bill my customers and get paid. Next year I will be going 100% at this I worked at a golf course for 4 years so I have a decent amount of experience but wanted to try this out first to see how it went before I went legit with taxes insurance ect. So what would be my first step keeping expenses as low as possible. I also have Paypal here but only 1 customer uses that.
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