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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
Headz has made me obsolete. lol I'm on vacation most of this month, so I dig it.

1. It would help.

2. Music was a better idea than that. Hidden/white/negative margin text is an old, old black hat trick. I've seen Google spot it. I've seen them miss it. Either way, you're skating on very thin ice. As headz points out, you're a manual review, or algorithm advancement, away from purgatory.

If you're feeling the urge to write 10,000 words, break it in to multiple pages and just link them on your site. Or channel the energy and write 20 blog posts and just feed them to Google over a couple of months. This is one of those ideas that is a terrible idea, but with a slightly different lens applied, you realize you can do essentially the same thing, with a stronger outcome, by doing something that's 100% legit.

3. Top Pros can rank a one page site. It's like doing a landscape install. Anyone can do what amounts to a landscape install, but can Joe Homeowner really do what Joe Landscaper can do? Top Pros are Top Pros for a reason. My fiance is a Top Pro in her field. Trust me...I cannot do what she can do. On the other hand, she could do what I do, but it would taker her quite a bit of time and learning to do so.

Ranking a one page site is like ranking a full site. You have to have a plan, you have to properly implement it, and you have to see it through. I have no problem ranking one page sites, and neither would you, if done properly. A couple of weeks ago, entirely as a joke meant to prevent some local LCO's from getting screwed (long'ish story), I bought a domain and put up a one page site and got it ranking page 1 for a 17,000 population, Northern Virginia city in just a couple of days. It's now sitting as the #1 pure organic result, just under the 7 Pack. That's doable for any number of cities and towns, but it's not a method I would be using for a major metro area. There are just too many off-site strategies that need to help boost your cause. Headz has become an expert on that process.
Thanks, Tony. Can you please elaborate on "done properly"? I'd like to pay a webmaster to code properly for me, but here in Atlanta it's too easy to get jipped by supposed "great coders". A buddy of mine went through four web designers in a year for his business (unrelated to mine) and wasted nearly $10K on what amounted to a superb design, that could NOT be found anywhere on any search sites--I can't have that (this industry is far too competitive). If I had some resources you could point me to, I could attempt to recode myself. Have a good one!
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