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Originally Posted by Chilehead View Post
Thanks, Tony. Can you please elaborate on "done properly"? I'd like to pay a webmaster to code properly for me, but here in Atlanta it's too easy to get jipped by supposed "great coders".
It comes down to following best coding practices, how and when to add content, adding citations, and creating and optimizing the 3 Local pages of Google/Bing/Yahoo.

One of the best ways of identifying a "good" coder would be to go to their portfolio sites and do a "view source". If you can do a good job of actually reading the content from within the code, they probably have a solid understanding of what they're doing. If you run in to a lot of actual code within it, or inline CSS, they may not be the best for the job. As a loose example, where one, less than skilled, coder might take 800 lines to do your home page, a good coder could do it in 150 lines. Or if you look at their CSS file or Wordpress theme and see a theme name for it, it's likely they didn't actually build the site at all. (I see this almost as much as sloppy code.)

If you have potential developers in mind, feel free to PM or email me. It takes me less than a minute to rule one in or out.
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