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Originally Posted by gcbailey View Post
We've got a 2012 BX2360 that we are using for the company for light landscaping, brush hogging, and more mowing than I expected. While it's a great tractor it's coming up short in a few areas (lift capacity, etc...). I'm throwing around the idea of upgrading to the B series.

My biggest question is, the ground clearance of the B vs. the BX is about 5". The BX is extremely stable going across slopes, how stable is the B with the increased height, larger tires and such? I know filling the tires will help with lowering the COG, but still, off the lot how stable is it, or any tractor of the similar size.
I agree with Dually...I too am looking to do the same upgrade and in reading some of the material on the new B2650 which is the smallest Kubota with a cab, the one thing brought up was how unstable it was without a rear ballast while using the loader. I tried to find the article I mentioned but could not find it. I believe I only Googled "kubota b2650.

Anyway, my 0.02 cents on it. I have a Kubota BX 2350 as an estate tractor for lawn cutting and winter snow removal business.

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