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Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
Gravely pro stance is a great machine. I tested many standers out over the past week and the 48" prostance was one of them. Great company and dealer. Very well built and handled flawlessly. I would recommend this mower to anyone. With that being said there were flaws in every stander I tested out. I spent countless hours researching and looking at different models. At a later date I may get into specifics.
The 2 minor imperfections in the pro stance were the weight and speed of the machine. Unfortunately speed and weight were important in my application so I could not pull the trigger even after the dealer gave me a really good price on it.

All of the standers had there flaws and you would have to combine all of them to make a perfect stander. At the end of the day you have to pick the one you are comfortable with. I have used a stander for countless hours over the past few seasons so even the smallest imperfection stood out.

I almost bought the gravely as it was a very stout machine and the dealer was close by. But I ended up going in another direction.
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What kind of price are they asking for a pro stance 48"?
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