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Glad to help

I see a lot of "what organic source of nitrogen, and how much to achieve xlbs" same with P's, and while that is on some level an "organic" fert program, the READ DEAL ferts are doing much more than that. The fert is a blended mix of materials that will work together to improve the soil. Humates and active bacteria and soil conditioners (cationic exchage ratios) all kinds of "good eats" for the soil. The N and P sources work together with no material source causing the "system" to slow or shut down. When I had a small pesticide lawn biz 10 years ago ("Chem Free") I used the best stuff I could find from BioGreen in Waucanda, IL.
All food grade materials (you could eat them) and LOTS of very good science. They'd tell me stuff and then I'd read about it in the universitys and such, a year or two later.
I only did it for 2 years, very expensive and I didn't charge enough to make anything. Now I put in yards and landscapes and don't fert at all. I did an internet search but didn't find anything about them. The main guys were all in there late 50's early 60's then, so they might not be around Dave Ellis and Larry something.
They had a large fert biz in Waucanda so if they're still around someone should track them down!
Carl Johnson was their on site research scientist and a very good one as far I could tell. Wonder what he's up to these days?
Really great guys and they would go apesh*t to see a website with this group heading! They would be an INVALUABLE resourse to anyone frequenting this area! If someone in the N. Illinois area would track them down................
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