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I understand your point about the need for first, defining 'organics', and second establishing standards and regulations and i agree. THe reason i dont use synthetics is because i dont know how much to use or what to use when.

As far as corn is concerned, it it grown to be food for us, and livestock, and it grows everywhere and i would think it is very important to the economy. i dont know 'how' the corn was grown, but it is everywhere. I really cant see it being bad if it grown for food and has been a staple in the diet of civilization for many moons. I really doubt that corn meal would ever become a part of the mainstream, but it is an alternative. i really dont think the intention of this forum is to make organic horticulture number one, but for dicussion of an alternative(sorry to repeat myself) to synthetics. The experiments i am doing with corn are part of the research you suggested. I am willing to share my results with anyone who is interested.
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