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Originally Posted by kynobi View Post
I was looking at a 36" HRC7113TXA and the owner said it was hydrostatic drive. Did that version have optional drive systems? Is the HRC7113TXA a fixed height deck? Are parts for that model obsolete?
Thanks in advance. Have a great day!
The HRC7113 was only a gear-drive model.
The HRC7013 was only a hydrostatic drive model.
Neither had optional drives or were interchangeable.

Decks (36" and 48") were adjustable in mowing height from in both a low and high range:
Low 1.5~3.5 inches
High 3.5~5.5 inches

Some parts are completely discontinued; both the 7113 and 7013 have been out of production for 12+ years. Honda will continue to offer many parts as long as there is demand, but parts are indeed gone for good.

Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding is my opinion alone.
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