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If they refuse to take your hazardous chemicals, and you obviously have a division that the taxpayers are paying for, politely explain to them this. You will be bringing the sheriff back with you to arrest the non-compliant governmental employees committing fraud, treason, harm to the city/state/county, harm to other employees, public people etc. The list is long. Read for yourself.

Step 2. Stop being a government employee yourself and paying for their uselessness.

We clean out homes of deceased people after there has been an auction. Whatever they don't want gets tossed. You wouldn't believe all the homes with TONS of hazardous chemicals.

We read all their bullshit paper and pencil laws to the T before we used OUR public service free of charge. First load of hazardous chemicals we had over 30 gallon paint cans, aerosol cans etc. They tried to turns us away from OUR free chemical and hazardous drop off. We were prepared for the sheer stupidity and in competence of OUR governmental employees. We requested a sheriff to come make arrests for us. Yes that was the employees at the facility, as well as arrests for the 1 single person who wrote those statutes for this particular scene. They had not re-bonded their own statute. Needless to say we got exactly what we wanted before it got out of hand.

He who doesn't demand from his public servants to do their jobs, is the slave to the servant.
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