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Originally Posted by baseball9074 View Post
Originally Posted by trock View Post
What will i be using to remove them?
That's what I'm asking. I'm thinking either tie them to the truck and pill them out or if that's not an option then probably have to dig them out.
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You never asked how to do it! You asked how much to charge and how long will it take! How can we help you if you don't say how you plan on removing them. Pulling them out with a truck is dangerous... hope you have insurance incase the chain breaks and goes through there window. Not to mention all the neighbors seeing them pulled out the unprofessional way and putting tire burnout marks on the driveway. You should call before you dig so they can mark out the area. What will you be doing with all the debris? How many trips will it take to haul them away? How big is your truck? How many guys will be on the job? Are you going to be putting something else in place of these? Need to know much more info to answer than what was given.
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