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Originally Posted by turn3 View Post
What ride on are you using?

I'd love to have a ride on but can't get my boss to budge on getting one. He jumped on using Holganix this year and I'm afraid the cost (I'm not privy to the $ of Holganix) may prevent me from getting a ride on any time soon.

Probably a stupid question but do mix rates change when using a ride on?

Whether a ride on is good for you is up to you but I can tell you theres not anyone I know who wouldn't or doesn't benefit greatly from using them.

Theres different sizes available for different needs. I have LT Rich Z Max's but all the machines are worthy.

Application rates of granular fertilizer don't change but the weed control is mixed as they say "Low Volume." That is to say the mix you are carrying and applying is concentrated and stronger than the mix you apply from a spray hose or back pack because you are applying much less liquid "volume" but the amount of active ingredient applied per thousand sq feet is the same.

The three hundred gallons of water and weed control you spray in one day to do 100,000 or a little better square feet will get me roughly 18 acres of coverage mixed for a low volume machine.

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