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Originally Posted by fatboynormmie View Post
Greenology check out ET air ride on youtube for pics /video. Puffer and ET are the same suspension.

One of my commercial accounts asked me to start maintaining the back acre of their property and it's ROUGH cutting. It's hard on the back, very jarring. My mechanical suspension isn't cutting it on that property.

My only concern is the added height of the Puffer throwing off the center of balance on my mower . That same commercial property has some steep hills that I still want to use the zero turn to cross cut the hills .

Been kicking around between the Puffer and Retrodog's Grammer seat. Looks like the Puffer would cushion the ride more then the Grammer but the Grammer looks more compact. Decisions Decisions
Yea thanks, I have seen that video. I was keen to see some close ups on the different installations.

The height is the only drawback! a restriction for ducking under tree branches and the like, also raises your centre of gravity. One of those things you cant really tell how much it will effect you until u try, but by that time you've spent the money and fitted on the machine
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