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Originally Posted by SECTLANDSCAPING View Post
I posted above that i put in 2 transmissions in a chevy. The first at 130k and the second at 215k. One of my subs has put in 2 in his chevy within 230k miles.
Yeah, I saw that. I know you had problems with your Chev, but again two guys having to replace transmissions in 1500's that I assume have plowed (since you have a "sub" I assume you're pushing snow with the truck) is NOT a widespread problem. For every guy on here that has had problems with their GM truck I can find 3 Ford owners who've had it worse. While I consider myself a GM guy, I too own Ford trucks as well as GM and have had Ford's that never gave us a problem, and ones that were total POS's. I've had problems with GM trucks too, but never major ones, just little annoyances.
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