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You do understand insurance, right?

Insurance is where the clients pay a company enough money to support the owner, the employees and their business first, then they set a little of the premium aside in case any client ever needs anything. In some cases the part that gets set aside is as little as 10%, in other cases as much as 90% but no matter how we look at it, when it comes to insurance the only winner here is the insurance company. So that either way things go, the client's premiums pays the insurance company's electric bill.

If you have insurance, you are paying that company's cost of doing business and their profit first.

In summary Insurance companies are NOT in the business to lose money and in that sense, if you ever have insurance you will not come out ahead.
Perhaps some folks in a sheer stroke of (bad) luck do, but when that happens everyone else loses.

As well off playing the lottery.

And now you understand Road Hazard warranties.

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