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As the Grammer and the puffer both have similar ride heght and suspension travel (3" or so), what makes more sense?

A. and upgraded seat with it's own air system.

B. an air suspension base that can be used with any seat, even one with mechanical suspension.

As the Grammer MSG 75 has a non mower standard mounting width, some fabrication would be required in the need of a mounting plate.

The Grammer msg 65 is a mechanical suspension with a higher than normal weight rating. (It also has a mower standard mounting width).

The puffer appears to be designed to mount to many mowers arrangements, and is mower specific.

I am honestly leaning towards the puffer with a Grammer 65, so I can have a higher weight rating on the seat (kinda need that) and the advantage of air ride underneath. That would keep my ride height increase down, and give fine tuning options to ride feel, as well as cost savings over the Grammer msg 75.
With the weight and width of my mower, I am not too concerned on center of gravity.

So, those with the puffer base, happy with the decision and what kind of seat do you have mounted on top of it?
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