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Originally Posted by Shoreline View Post
I have a couple steep slopes that I cut and was still able to do them with the added height of the puffer. I was nervous going into them and ready to jump ship if it came to it but ended up being fine. My mower is 52" cut, if you have a wider machine than you should be fine. Take it slow the first time, if it feels like you're starting to tip then steer it down the slope.
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Hey Shoreline now that your Puffer is adjusted to your weight do you find while sitting on it that it's in the middle of the suspension range ?

Talked to Mark at ET Air ride today and he stated it should sit between 3 1/2- 3 3/4" or about the middle range on the suspension . He said if it's pumped up to hard that you lose comfort and gain higher center of gravity. Ordered mine today should be in next week some time.

Watching the video on Youtube on the ET Air ride it looks like they have the air shock pumped up a little to hard and closer to the upper limit of the suspension
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