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I don't killing stuff at all anymore. Used to hunt all the time. The last few years of deer season I passed up many many shots at nice deer. I just enjoyed being out and being at camp with my buddies. I'm not longer invited up there since I never shoot anything though. I do kill fish pretty often, but don't take any enjoyment from actually killing them, sure taste good though. Sometimes I have to kill a rooster or two cause the neighbors start to complain and this year I hit a bunny rabbit with the edge of the brush hog and had to do a mercy killing on it and I also hit a freaking bird the other day while mowing. Who hits a bird with a ztr....I mean really. So that thing was flopping around and I had to eunazie him too. I see a lot of snapping turtles around here crossing the road. I always stop to rescue them. I used to grab them by the tails but I read on the interwebs that can harm them and to grab the back of their shells. Gonna try that new method next time I see one.

Back in 2006 when I was living in GA and working as a site superintendent for a home builder, the roofers put a cottonmouth in my truck. I caught it and said haha funny you guys. You got me. I guess I was doing my job correctly because they hated the guy in the white hardhat (me). Anyway, I'm parading this snake around the jobsite, still living of course, and showing everyone how the roofers pulled one over on me. One guy finally told me that was a cottonmouth and how dangerous they can be. Me, being a yankee from PA, had no idea cause we don't have those things up here. Got lucky that day HA. Anyway, I let the snake go unharmed
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