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how long between cutting and anyone have info on this seed?

Ok, I've been fighting my lawn for quite a little while now as per this thread:

anyway, after getting the soil results and adding in lime/fertilizer, etc I've been able to get my backyard to almost completely cover. The front yard I would say I'm up to about 70% coverage. I can honestly say the amount of rain we've gotten this year has helped tremendously even though I know its probably also responsible for most of the stuff I've add leaching through past the grass roots lol. As a result I still have some areas that are fighting me a good bit but anyway....

I know half the key it get good established roots. I let the grass grow for almost 2 months at one point just to keep the ground covered to help shade and retain moisture and to (hopefully) allow roots to grow deeper as the grass grows.

I'm wondering how long is the average time people with sandy nutrient poor soils should let the grass grow between mowings?

Also, has anyone used this grass seed in the past? It says it grows low and gets really long roots which I think would be possibly beneficial to me?

I'm just having a really hard time with the areas that arent wanting to grow. I even went to my parents house and took plugs of their grass which I've seen work miracles at other people's houses with the same issue. right now its in statis in the areas I placed it though as its only been about 2 weeks so who knows.
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