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Originally Posted by cjohn2000 View Post
I have a fun resi install 120 psi static, 30 gpm at 60psi dynamic. My question is how do you install your flow sensors. I would like to install this next one on unions. Hunter reps have told me this is a bad idea. I can't see any issues with this as the union is full port straight through and a bad glue joint would cause more turbulance. I searched and saw a sensor for calsense on brass unions on a old thread. I will try and post pics next week.
We did a 2" Data Industrial PVC flow sensor with a couple of unions. We put about 24" of SCH 80 PVC on either side of the sensor between the sensor and the union. Didn't seem to have any issues with it. Data Industrial calls for a minimum of 10 times the pipe diameter in length on the downstream side of the sensor and 5 times the pipe diameter in length on the up stream side of the sensor.
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