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Originally Posted by Cody S. View Post
I worked for a Huslter dealer when I was younger. Their Super Z's crush Exmark's design. Honestly Exmark/Toro makes a great mower, but half of the people are brainwashed. They have an ocean of dealers and are very commercialized. Dont get me wrong you can drop a brick wall on the thing and still mow your lawn, but not my cup of tea. I'm not too biased on any brand but I prefer Button/Bob-Cat (Bob-Cat now, now that that's all they make). However other contenders I'd choose over an Exmark would be John Deere, Dixie-Chopper, and Hustler.
In the terms of turf renovation/maintenance I would have to say Ryan & Blue Bird are a close call, but I'd say Ryan wins it.
Debris handling I would say Billy Goat, however Little Wonder makes a great WB blower.
My .02
Like you basically said, to each his own. I think that all the dealers they have is a BIG reason to buy exmark because of how easy it is to get warranty work done. For warranty work you need a certified repair shop, and I have (what I think is) one of the best dealers in Indiana. This is unrelated, but even during the wet season, their handheld turnaround is about 3-4 days instead of 6-8 weeks. John Deere makes pretty good stuff, but the decks don't give as good of a cut. Dixie-Chopper isn't nearly as good (relative to the industry) as it used to be. And I can't comment past cut quality on Hustler. Still not quite as good as Exmark.
I'd rather be cutting grass...
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