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Originally Posted by ddixon7 View Post
I have the 2660TS and it is GREAT. Very powerful and snappy. Hardly any warm up. Its a crap shoot with the new trimmers. I had the 3060TS and it lasted a whole 8 hours of use before it burned a hole in the piston. It took 4 minutes to warm up anyway. I like the max torque, it hardly bogs down. Don't know anything about the S model, I didn't even consider one.
That torque thing is nothing new. We used to run 4:11 and 4:56 posi rear gears in the 60's muscle cars. The rpms were way up there and so was the fuel consumption. Speed was quick but had limited top end. More of drag strip thing. The Ferraris, on the other hand, were dogs on the strip but kings of high speed -- their drivetrains had high gearing, the 3:00 range. Two opposite uses of gearing. Take two vehicles going the same exact speed, the one with the low rear has high rpms more HP, the high rear has low rpms more torque. So, with the trimmers, the max torque is putting out more force at a lower rpm, but maybe working harder to acheive it, the regular torque model has to run a high speed to achieve the same torque, unless you get an engine with more HP, and then it doesnt have to work as hard to do it. I think that is what Alan was saying in an older thread.

If you increase HP but the demand is low, the engine is not as stressed. Increase the demand on it by lowering the gear ratio without raising the HP and somethings bound to give sooner or later.

But my thread is not asking about the TS models, or any torque issue, only about the S models if there is a problem with the 2650S and why it is not selling well.

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