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Good going as I am not calling out all LCO's. I can't help but read post from the past and the future on these jobs. I understand that someone new needs to know the way to go. This helps keep the integrity of this business from falling into peril from lack of knowledge. If someone lowly bids a large job to make a name for themselves, they have capped the cost for that area. Word gets around wild fire. I am not saying be so expensive you bleed the customer, but charge the going rate for your area.

For bagged products, largely I will charge XX amount for the bag and then XX amount for installing or applying that bag. For those larger jobs.....that require more than one pallet(44 bags), I will allow for some deductions per bag. Then again, the labor stays the same for the job when wheel barreling or shoulder carrying needed.

I can't say that my customers will allow for mulch to be piled up on the property of 500,000.00 homes and more. The HOA's won't allow these tactics.
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