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Originally Posted by TwoGuyswithMowers View Post
I'm new to the business and decided that I was going to wear jeans today to look more professional. After walking behind a mower for a few hours and not drinking enough water before I started working in the 104 degree heat index I started feeling symptoms of what I can only guess was heat exhaustion. I felt like I was going to throw up and got a little dizzy. My mouth was dry and I felt weak. I had to stop and go sit in my truck for a few minutes and didn't have any water with me.

I suppose I better start hydrating more. I only had coffee and no food before I started because I was in a hurry.

Maybe working mostly in an office the past few years has just made me soft, lol.
Not to mention that coffee alone dehydrates you! I usually drink a couple of cups of water before drinking coffee.
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