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SCAG: Turf Tiger vs. Cheetah

First off, I know this topic has been discussed before but every time it seems to go off course. Plus, I wanted to see if there were different opinions since some people may have had longer to run the Cheetahs.

1. I have narrowed my choices to the Scag Turf Tiger and the Scag Cheetah. I am certain these are my two choices so I don't need to hear any other suggestions

2. I am really just mowing my yard, etc. we have about 23 acres with about 5 that I will be mowing. I have several trees and obstacles to mow around. I currently have a JD 48" lawn tractor and an old front mount Grasshopper 720k. It takes between 3-4hrs to cut the grass.

3. I have sat on, and ridden the Turf Tiger, the Cheetah, and the Tiger Cat. While I know the Tiger Cat is more than enough for me, I like the extra power and stronger frames on the other two.

My concerns/likes/dislikes:

Turf Tiger:
Almost everything

More than I need?
Ride not quite as good.
My cost would be roughly $1400 more than for the Cheetah.

Newer technology?

Hard to see side of deck over the gas tanks-biggest concern
Belt vs shaft
No cup holder (I know doesn't really matter but seems strange it isn't there).

I would appreciate everyone's feedback on these. I am making the purchase on Monday. I feel they would both do a great job. I feel the Cheetah would be great but am wondering if the issue with the tanks blocking the side view will make a huge difference.

Thanks in advance!

David Smith.
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