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New Cheetah owner here.

Hello David, I conducted a research probably longer than need in search for my perfect ZTR. We cut 3.5 acres that was taking about 4 hours and 15 minutes. My property is very rough, so I felt that I needed a demo on my property so I would know first hand the performance level of suspension.

Originally I focus on Ferris, then discovered the Cheetah. I set up a demo of the Cheetah (61" 36 Vanguard). As a suggestion from someone here, I demoed the Gravely 460 (Air Ride Seat, 61" 36 Vanguard) as well.

(There is a rhyem and reason for my post)

As it turned out. I demoed the two units one day apart. They cut equally well at speed on my rough property, but the air seat on the Gravely was just a little bit smoother.

Then I discover the gravely is $2000 more the the Cheetah. SO, I purchased the Cheetah (61" 31 Kawasaki), and the Optional Scag Suspension Seat, and still saved a large chuck of change in the purchase.

I had my first cutting experience last Monday when the unit was delivered, and again this afternoon (because of all the rain, it's growing out of control). The unit cuts very well at speed, and leaves "NO" stragglers. The suspension platform and optional Suspension Seat in combination puts the Suspension Preformance "over the top".

The Cheetah cut my mowing time in half (yes in half). and my yard is left "so very pretty." We are totally pleased..... OH, we settled on the Kawasaki 31 hp. The 36 Vanguard was just too thirsty.

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