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Originally Posted by diyer999 View Post
Oh, ok I see, you were quoting Redmax. Btw, I'm glad you mentioned that though, because now seems to be conflicting with what they are now promoting. But perhaps they made it possible since that older thread I read where you quoted Redmax, maybe changed their mind or the technology.

They just dont want to order it if they can talk me into another model they have in stock, but they will if I insist. I'm just curious why it is overlooked as a model worth stocking. Someone told me dealers like to buy pallets of certain models and thats how they make the most money, etc., etc.
According to my 2012/2013 catalog, the following models will accept the hedger attachments-TR2350S/BCZ2460S/BCZ2650S, but for some reason not the BCZ3050S (maybe the power in much the same way that the Stihl FS250 isn't rated for the gearbox attachmnets). That is in conflict with what their earlier catalogs said., and actually their website too. The site says which models take the gear box attachments and none of these trimmer models are listed.

The T models or the SS models are not rated for the hedger attachments.

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