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I might get my hand slapped for this but in your case it should be okay to use the MaxiWire for the repair. I agree with the other guys - keep the polarity straight. MaxiWire is usually Black and Red. Hunter ID wire is Blue and Red. The "twist" in the Hunter wire helps keep the signal clean and provides a slight bit of surge resistance. (Ever see phone wire? It is twisted for that reason.)

Make sure you use a splice connector on the 2-Wire path that is rated for 600 Volts. Hunter recommends the 3M DBR/Y-6, since the constant voltage (35 V) will break down the sealant used in the standard (24 VAC) connectors. It will thin out or even liquify over time. Regular 24 VAC DBY connectors can be used on decoder-to-solenoid splices.
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