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Originally Posted by rbljack View Post in west texas its not uncommon for the triple digit temps to show up. I have to mow during the day because my full time job is on the nightshift, so im out there during the heat of the day. I always wear jeans and a white or grey tshirt, and bring plenty of water. hard to explain, but you have to pace yourself and drink on a regular basis without drinking too much at one time. I switch between lots of water, and I also like bringing a gallon of iced tea with me...but you have to drink the iced tea sparingly.

I always wear a hat too.

good luck.
I used to drink ice tea but found out that Ice tea is a major cause of Kidney stones. Also contains caffeine. I just bring ice water.
Always take time to eat breakfast and then I bring a insulated 2 gallon jug of ice water(to the OP) and pack a light lunch
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