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Hi, yep I know there are differences but I also know there are some true pro's here that can really help. Poland is still a bit behind when it comes to lawn culture althought it is getting better and better as more people seem to want a good looking lawn. Still it's hard to get good help around here.

Anyway, I live in southern poland, pretty near the city of Kraków (looking at the above map that would be around 50', 20'). The climate is a bit similar to the one in Chicago, I lived there a few years and the overall climate seems to be pretty similar to both places, though winters seem to be more harsh here in Poland. That is just my subjective opinion though, there are propably loads of small details that are different.

I asked google for help: "temperate with cold, cloudy, moderately severe winters with frequent precipitation; mild summers with frequent showers and thundershowers". That's pretty accurate, and this winter was really long and harsh. There was actually snow laying around in April. Pretty weird seeing that a year ago, I started mowing in early March. This year as I said earlier is very wet, and the summer is warm so far.

Thanks for the reply
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