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Originally Posted by RonWin View Post
Search scag cheetah and maybe you will find the review of a guy who demo'd the cheetah. He basically said that a turf tiger was way better and that he has all the scag models and was disappointed in the cheetah. What i remmeber from his post was that he said the cheetah was fast but was really bad on slopes, tires would just spin. That's enough for me to stay away from the cheetah. You never hear anything bad about the tiger, so i would poney up the extra $ for something that has been tried and tested. I am torn right now between the tiger/toro groundsmaster / and walker mowers. TT for the over all best machine, toro for the best cut, and walker for easy of use and versatility.
In the spring, I needed to add three 61" zeros. I demoed Cheetahs and Turf Tigers. I purchased three Turf Tigers. I liked the Chettah and may still add a Cheetah or two at some point but I just felt like the Turf Tiger was a better built machine. I have absolutely no regrets about buying the Turf Tigers - they are everything they were advertised to be.

When I was demoing the Tigers and Cheetahs, there were several days that I had them side by side and testing them against each other in various situations. They both excelled. I took them both on a very steep hillside and made them track one exactly behind the other. They both were EXCEPTIONAL on the hillside. The Turf Tiger is renown for it's hillside stability but the Cheetah stayed right with it and faired just as well.

On my Tigers, I have two with 29 EFI Kohler engines and one with a Briggs 35hp Vanguard. If I were buying another Turf Tiger tomorrow, I'd buy the 29 EFI Kohler again. It uses about 1.0 - 1.2 gals per hour while the Briggs is chugging 1.8 - 2.0 gph. The Briggs is more powerful but it's really not a huge difference. Not enough difference, in my opinion, to warrant such a higher fuel consumption rate. As for Kawasaki, you couldn't give me a big block Kawasaki engine. Do some research before you buy. They've had lots of issues and they suck down fuel.
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