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Originally Posted by smithlaw View Post
Thanks guys for the input. Very good information. I agree, I think both machines would do an excellent job. I am a person that always wonders "what if" and will beat myself up over a decision forever.

I guess at this point my only two concerns with the Cheetah are visibility beyond the fuel tanks on the side, and does the belt vs. partial shaft drive make a big difference. Hills, etc. aren't that big of issue for my area.
I wouldn't worry about the belt vs the shaft drive since you are only using the mower on your property. If you were cutting ten hours a day it may make a difference.
The visibility is not an issue if you put an hour on the machine . You will know where the deck is.
I went with the Cheetah for my property, with the 31 kawi . The smaller kawi was underpowered and labored up small grades. I mow eight acres and couldn't be happier. I look at the difference between the TT and the Cheetah as marathon runner vs sprinter. I don't think you can go wrong with either machine, and it will be a personal preference.
After reading many threads, seems that the Cheetah is easier to maintain.
Good luck
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