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Solution ONE:

1. If you have twin tanks, drain the side that's missing the cap.
2. Clamp that side's fuel line shut.
2a. Either disconnect it and insert something steel in the end.
2b. A clothes hanger might work, or a SMALL vise grips to clamp it up good.
2c. Disconnect the fuel line and tie a knot in it.
(2b and 2c might require replacing the fuel line later)

Double CHECK to make SURE it's not leaking!!!
And throughout the day, just a quick glance here and then.

3. Bring extra fuel along and every 3-4 yards check the fuel side tank.

Solution TWO:

1. Grab two sheets of 8.5 x 11 printer style paper.
2. And a rag, and a big STRONG rubber band (or two).

If you have more of the above I'd grab one or two more sets as I don't know how long it will last.

3. Set the two sheets square over top of the fuel tank opening and clamp them down around the threads, set the rag over top of it all and wrap it around with the rubber band(s).

There, won't last forever and it might leak and smell but it should get you down the road a bit.
Ride careful, don't go fast over big bumps and take it easy on the inclines, if you can try and keep the leaky side UP slope.

Solution THREE:

Believe it or not other equipments sometimes use the same type of cap, one hates to steal one off a working piece of equipment but I'd check every last one, especially those that sit around most of the year like leaf blowers and stump grinders.

Yes sir, I been down these roads more than once, learn to help yourself lol

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