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Originally Posted by Tn2317 View Post
the constitution does not state that. Birddseedd, if the time ever comes where you or your love ones are being attacked; just tell the meth head with the machete to wait a moment while your read the constitution so you can properly determine your response. It starts with "We the people..." and there is a pocket version available; (I have one). You can PM me all day on this one. Now, since it seems we've hijacked this thread, lets keep future posts on the side.
angerly clicks pm button. actually don't know where its at on mobile lawn site. so. for the moment ill just sit here in fear as I have come to the realization that Indiana does not allow open carry. or hidden carry. basicilallly. here you have to buy your rights apparently.

I stick to my first statement. I changed a tire for an old lady. its annoying when they force you to take money tho.
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