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An HOA we have got notified that one their little holding ponds no longer met requirements and had to be cleaned. Had to be done in 30 days or pay a fine of $200 a day. So we gave them a bid and didn't hear back until 4 days before dead line. The day we worked on this it was 106F the hottest day of the year. We ended up having two loads of great top soil.....8 yars.

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I know I know you rich guys would have had some big equipment
to do this job but us poor folk do it the old fashion way. My idea to use a long piece of 2x8 board to run wheelbarrow up onto the dirt to pile it higher

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Us poor folk are going to get a dump as soon as somebody on lawnsite
sells one. Didn't have the big diesel available so I hooked up to the
big trailer.
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