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I do not let the customer decide if the lawn needs to be done EW or EOW.

If a lawn hardly grew in one week due to heat and or lack of watering/rain I would skip a week.

If skipping a week will allow the grass grow to tall then you do not skip. A week thin lawn that grows sparse but tall will be a pain to cut because the tall weeds tend to bend over instead of getting cut cleanly. A customer must be told this.

This is why EOW must be charged 50% more then the weekly price due to extra time needed to get a clean clipping free cut, extra stress put on the equipment, extra trimming and edging because the grass was allowed to grow to tall.

Time to find better income areas.

Things to remember

It takes time to fill a schedule with good customers.

Cheap customers get dropped by LCO's once their schedule is filled. That is why many of the new customers are calling you.

The good customers usually are being taken care of by their LCO so they do not look to leave their LCO.

Have patience because it takes most businesses three years to start to take off.
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