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I don't know much about Weedman. They are actually Weedwoman here(The man part of the equation left town after a nasty divorce and she isn't actually in my market).

From what I've read, everyone in Roger's market must go to McDonalds when they want a "GREAT" burger, because some 30 second ad told them that was where it was. I've got news for you Roger. 99% of the advertising that shows up in my mailbox goes to "File 13" before I ever give it a second glance and I've got a feeling I'm not alone on that one.

I once had a chance to buy into Turf Doctor but decided not to because at the time, the franchisee who was selling only had about 100 more customers than I did, he had actually been in business 2 yrs less than me so the marketing help they provided him was a factor. However, he worked hard and did a great job. That was also a major contributing factor. I passed on it even though it would have over doubled my customer count. I would have begun paying Franchise fees on customers I had gotten on my own. I wasn't willing to do that. Nobody purchased him, he let his business go and I and others in the area eventually acquired his customers.

I do nothing but fertilization/weed control and now have 2 employees plus myself and 3 trucks on the road every day. We have a 97% retention rate from year to year. I never did traditional advertising other than a nice yellow pages ad that I no longer have. I built my business on referrals for the most part and it has snowballed every year. I used MY NAME to build the business and am now close to getting an unlisted # for my home because not only does my business phone(cell phone) constantly ring. People have begun calling my home phone after they find my name in the white pages.

"Mom & Pop" operations ARE the backbone of this nations economy whether some of you want to believe it or not. You CAN do it on your own. It won't happen overnight but I don't think I would have wanted it to anyway.
I didn't have a big company name with brand recognition but I also didn't have some corporation with their hand in my pocket... It can be done any way you want to do it but failure only happens when you don't have the will to succeed no matter which route you choose...

Do your homework thoroughly before agreeing to anything with anyone. That's the best advice I can give
"The Poor Fish" circa 1930's: The Poor Fish wouldn't have been caught if he'd known enough to keep his fool mouth shut.

"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"- Thomas Edison, businessman/inventor
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