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Buying a Lawn Care Company?

I got a phone call yesterday from a fellow that wants to sell his small Lawn Care Company. He left a message on the machine say he has 12 clients and wants to sell them. He said I can pay him the cost for the clients with labor? So what I take is he will sell me them and I can pay him as I go. The question is what should I give him as a price to buy them? The season is 1/2 over up here in Pa. I haven't talked to him yet but plan on calling him latter today. I don't know all the info yet but figured if the average price per lawn was $30 and was weekly mows that would be $360 a week and we only have maybe 20 more weeks to mow around here so that makes it $7200 I could make the rest of the season. This is gross before paying him for the clients. Any info would be great!! I will be back on latter today before I call him.
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