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Yeah 32 ferris is your best bet, it isn't a floating deck, but is easily adjusted, I think you need a 36" exmark for floating deck, but it would be belt drive, or a 36 TT which is pricey. Best bang for the buck is ferris 32" I think new they are 3500, there is lots of used ones on Kijiji for like 2500ish. I wouldn't use a sulky with it though, because you still have to steer it manually because its only a single hydro, but steering is almost effortless as the front end is very light and the hydro makes it easy to forward and reverse. If you want a bigger WB I have a 48" Turf Tracer, with 17hp Kaw, electric start and power OCDC for sale for $2500.
I need to do my research first before deciding.
Thanks for your offer but no because I have a 52'' Wright Sentar already and I need a "backyard mower''
You know, the usual stuff and more...
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