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dodge 1998 5.2 igition timing of 30 degrees

So I replaced my dodge 1998 5.2 intake manifold gaskets, cap, rotor, wires and plugs and the timing while at an idle is advancing 15-30 degrees from what the computer says. Me and 2 friends have been trying to figure out why. The timing is not set with the distributor, but the computer. Its so bad that while accelerating cylinders 1,5,6 misfire. Anyone ever had this issue before? The cap and wires are where they should be according to the book. We have tried multiple combinations but same thing every time. Before this it would ping under load running 87 octane so its always been advanced, but it ran like a raped ape. Help guys! I don't whant this in to a dealer who is the only one who can reset the pcm.
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