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Kentucky Bluegrass and fungicides.

I live in NJ and have kentucky blue grass. This time every year I get fungus due to high temps and humidity. What is a good fungicide to use? I have my mower on the highest setting and only water once to twice per week as needed. Last year I actually let it grow to 6-8 inches because it allowed me to water less.

I just put down my lesco allectus application, hopefully the nitrogen doesnt let it get too crazy. I know that I have to keep on aerating and dethatching in the fall and also some of the spots that get diseased need some topsoil added to sandy areas that dont retain water.

What other practices are good besides letting it grow to be longer and heavy infrequent waterings? Right now i water 45mins-1 hour per zone starting at 3am for once a week.

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